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Shaw Informatics Partners - Multi Moment Analysis Consulting Services

Find Efficiency Killers in your Organization

Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) is the statistical technique for determining the proportion of time spent by workers in various defined categories of activity. It permits quick analysis, recognition, and enhancement of job responsibilities, tasks, performance competencies, and organizational work flows.

With MMA toolset for execution of the multi-moment-analysis you can get an accurate picture of the activities and the time spend to the individual activity by your staff. Based on the results, you can make the right decisions cases, which processes need to be optimized, and what results are expected.

The examination on taken actions through the MMA will support your continues process optimisation activities. Read more at www.multimomentanalysis.com.

Our Services

Shaw Informatics are a service delivery partner for the Multi Moment Analysis (MMA) technology. We use the technology as part of our Business Consulting services to help clients quickly identify areas of their business which can be made more efficient through process optimisation or the use of new technology.

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