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Independent Informatics Programme Management designed specifically for deployments into Life Sciences R&D

Why choose us for your Programme Management?


Trust us, we've done this before !

Over 100 Deployments

Why take the risk? We have experience deploying 100+ Enterprise systems across 6 continents and 25 countries, across all types of Life Sciences businesses. We know how to get it right.


Always available, no distractions.

Have you got time?

Internally run projects often fail as project managers have insufficient time due to additional responsibilities. We can ensure your project always receives the correct amount of attention.


Our sole focus is the success of your project

No distractions

We don’t have to manage the typical daily distractions that our customers face, so we can focus solely on achieving the project goals and ensuring the best possible outcome.


We have over 20 years experience deploying enterprise software globally into Life Sciences R&D. We have worked with many of the top Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies and have delivered projects ranging from 1 week to 2 years. We are used to working across different time zones and cultures, with the ever changing requirements of the scientist and the demands of the QA departments.

Projects have included many different work streams including installation, configuration, migration, integration, upgrades, validation, support and training.

We can work with your own project process or use our own methodology.

  • Planning and estimation
  • Business and project goal alignment
  • Project resource structuring
  • Risk planning & mitigation
  • Commercial management
  • Distributed and offshore teams
  • Vendor and stakeholder management
  • Measuring (and celebrating) success

Our Philosophy

Informatics Programme Management